Monday, 19 December 2011

Gently Falls The Bakula

       Alas!Gently fell the bakula off the tree standing there still since ages,in a sleepy town in a remote corner of the country,off the tree that had made two young people one.However,it fell not normally,but heavily,with the mixed feelings of a sorrow of its own failure and a sense of gratitude to the Almighty,that,at least,at this moment,he could bring peace and satisfaction to that child of the great bakula tree,whose life is compared to the life of the child and also whose presence transformed the life of the same child.
       The reason for the sorrow of the bakula flower was not at all expected and was not even sudden.It was constantly and complexly growing as the tree on which the flower grew, bore a dumb witness to all the struggles and calamities the woman faced in a life that had been greatly affected by the bakula tree itself.
      And then the sense of gratitude for the Lord!Why did this come into the forefront?It is because of nothing but the solace of the bakula that the woman has ultimately chosen her way after so much of struggle in her marital life.
       What is the tree and what is the woman?If you want to know,then have the privilege to read "GENTLY FALLS THE BAKULA",by the accomplished writer of her own kind,Smt.Sudha Murty.Though I try to present here,a brief outline of the touching masterpiece,I very clearly admit that no sort of review can make the story so heartrending as the author herself.And that,nothing can be better than oneself reading the novel oneself.
       The novel begins with the description of several characters under different genres such as age,social position,shrewdness and mainly maturity level.The setting is in a small South Indian town of Hubli  and the evergreen activity bustling city of Mumbai and the author freely and aptly uses the culture of that part of South India for her work.
      With the prime concern being the life story of two young people,Shrikant and Shrimati,the author judiciously uses all the other characters to highlight these two characters.For example,the boy's friends are shown to be small elements of the cause of his marriage. 
       The story takes on its first twist when the usually never ending silence between the introverted,yet sportive Shrimati and the extroverted yet overambitious Shrikant is broken in a train journey and leads to the birth of a new and a sweet friendship that further blossoms into an unconditional and innocent love between these two,Shrikant and Shrimati.
       But where was the bakula tree till now?Yes,it was there ,is there and is the most significant part of the story until the third quarter.It was the bakula that joined the two souls and even witnessed their union when in marriage ceremony.How?To know,go on to read GENTLY FALLS THE BAKULA.
       Next,the marital life of Shrikant and Shrimati.This forms the major chunk of the novel.Shrikant,initially is a n ambitious and aspiring graduate but later becomes overambitious,workaholic and neglects his wife,no her sensitive feelings and ideas.Armed with his practicality,he manages to climb the corporate ladder very easily,from a normal employee to a bright officer to a general manager and to a director.The family's affluence starts increasing very rapidly.On the other hand,Shrimati,a very intelligent woman,a post graduate in history,is a loving and caring wife to her husband and even does jobs against her will to help her husband.She thinks before marriage that she can continue with her Ph.D. after marriage,which she later realises to be not possible.Solely because of the simple,mostly unnoticed,yet highly sensitive problems of the human heart.
       Her feeling of dissatisfaction increases exponentially over years,owing to the added agonies of not having children,the ever increasing workaholism of her husband,etc.Her correspondence with a great American historian and more importantly,a good,elderly human happens to be her only solace and that serves like an oasis for quenching her thirst in an endless journey through a desert.However,initially,she gets adjusted to the situations around her only for her life to worsen.
      As the story unfolds itself to the reader,the initial delicateness,charm and surprise transform into a saga of never ending mental turmoil,agony and misery of 'a simple woman and Mrs.Managing Director'.
       Finally,one of those fine many emotional outbreaks of her paves the way for the conception of a decision in the woman's heart which changed her life and made her live according to herself.
       The story though being not strange or new,and also being common and known,yet is very special.GENTLY FALLS THE BAKULA is really great!
       Of course,the capability of Smt.Sudha Murty that makes the reader read the entire novel at a single stretch is very much worth mentioning here.I found myself sticked to this novel from daybreak and was simply surprised when I had completed this by lunch.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Light and Warmth

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Extreme care leads to complications

       Simplicity is always the best policy.Every action to be performed,is in general,governed by some simple ideas and rules and it is fairly enough that these ideas and rules are followed successfully.Unnecessary hype and over attitude is not at all beneficial.It often results in health deterioration,emotional breakdowns,etc.So,in addition to showing no good results,this phenomenon of 'over care' worsens the situation also.
       I am not talking about the (extreme) care which is required for some professionals like doctors,international players,athletes etc.It is that 'over care',adopted by people in some what trivial house hold and other things which is emphasized.
       This extreme care may be of many forms and in all of them the outline of attitude is almost identical.Here,I consider the case of raising a child, that to particularly dealing with an adolescent.Extreme care is a required character when the child is in toddler stage and until early and middle adolescence,but later,it is not good.Early and middle adolescences require that much care because that period is dangerous and needs elders' supervision.However,in the late stage of adolescence,individuals are like bird lings with fully developed feathers and they should be allowed to live on their own.By saying 'living on their own',I mean that they should be able to get hold on those important aspects which are to be handled by them in future like booking tickets,dealing with the youngsters and the elderly,shopping,etc.
       At the end,this small story will definitely give a hearty laugh.
                "Once upon a time, a boy lived who was raised by his grandmother.As we expect,she was of an over caring nature.This boy had already been treated a nerd among his friends.On a particular occasion,he had to go to a xerox shop for getting photocopies of some important papers.He had willingly asked his grandmother not to come with him with the intention of making it himself and had set off.While his work there had been in the middle,he had noticed his grandmother coming into the shop.He had tried to avoid being seen by her,but in vain.After she had enquired him about the safety of the originals among all others,huge amount of embarrassment had been the only feeling on his face!"

Steven Paul Jobbs
Sensitivity is the measure of maturity

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Determination is the key to success

        Determination is a quality that makes one reach the summit of their purpose with a great ease.Miseries are common in every life cycle and worries are very frequent visitors.Drooping away for these things which occur in everyone's life is not at all correct.That individual who stands against all these adversities and be able to reach his goal,is considered venerable.
        However,the presence of mere determination also cannot lead to success when there is absence of enough self confidence.Self confidence naturally seems to wash away when the goal set for is too hard to achieve.Therefore,one must select the utmost right option that he can accomplish by all means,physically and mentally.Thus,the quality of Rationality seems to be the mother of determination because,once one feels that he has chosen the right task,the desire to achieve naturally springs and required amount of determination is also born.
        In some situations,there may be a wrong choice.That adoption of wrong choice may also be final.In such cases,it is better to do the work wholeheartedly with determination and achieve even a little bit of success than to completely abandon it and curse the fate.
        This is a poem that is specially intended for the passage.

            "It's dawn,My friend!Wake up!
              Heartily wake up My friend!
              Worry not My friend!For the grievances
              Of the morning will be withering as the day passes
                          See the sun My friend!
              He is smooth and sensitive at the day break
              And grows brighter towards the dusk

              Work hard My friend!For this is a quality
              That makes you worthy of the every loaf you earn
                          See the pecker My friend!
              He has been able to build so many houses
              Just because of this

              Accept challenges My friend!For they turn out to be sweet meats
              When done though they taste bitter in the beginning
                         See the human My friend!
              He has topped the world
              As he proved this"
        Possessing over determination will definitely lead to problems.If it is an exam and you do very well,then well and good.But if you failed in it,do not take dangerous decisions like killing yourself,etc.If the girl you liked does not accept your proposal,then it is fair to leave the thing than to create unnecessary hell by pouring acids or some sort on her on the name of taking revenge.After all,revenge is an unhealthy thing to possess.
        So,I conclude this passage by emphasizing that determination leads to success in most of the tasks,provided they are good and worthy,but not mean and vicious.

Light and warmth
A Warm Winter Day

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The missing and the hidden spiritualities

       This is a great moment.I think,probably,this is the only post till now,that is being written by me as soon as the incident making the body of this post took place.
       The day began in the usual manner but with a tinge of satisfaction in my heart as yesterday marked the end of my first set of exams in my professional course.Something seemed fresh and beautiful about the air though it is ,in its own way cruel and fearsome as it generally does in most of the winter days.Mixed with this satisfaction was a natural but strange feeling of performing still better in the next exams to come in the next semester.Strange in the sense that this feeling made me lose even my initial unhappiness of not going to my home as soon as the exams were over.
       However this was a day that contained many twists and turns,a day which had only a few similar  counterparts in the past.My grand mother ordered me to wash my sweaters today along with a detailed procedure of doing so and an added caution to wash them only in a machine.Now,finding a washing machine in the big hostel is easy,I thought.But,I never did washing in any machine in my hostel before and I do not the way how to do it.So, I called my great friend to help me in the matter to which he agreed and in a few minutes we both were on the journey.I had already expected that finding a 'free' washing machine was very difficult as I observed.All washing machines were brimming with clothes and there were lots of buckets in queue.What can I do?I never did washing in any machine in my hostel before and I do not know the way how to do it.So I decided to wait for my chance by leaving my bucket there and return when my turn would come.Mean while,my great friend and I sat down to watch a movie in his room.That was indeed a wonderful movie.After the movie was done, we had gone again to the machine only to find that it might take no less than four to five hours for our work.I had shifted the bucket to another washing machine.There too was an enough queue but this time,I decided to settle.However,here too I could not succeed and in frustration,I set out for washing myself.But oh!how horrible it is to wash such heavy things as sweaters!I was totally tired after the event.All the long,my great friend had been accompanying me.
       Also,there was an invitation to me yesterday to attend a spiritual course going to be held today in the evening given by a well wisher of mine in that organisation.But somehow,I began to feel bad and frightened about the organisation recently and I wanted to avoid attending.I could not tell him the same,so I agreed. But now,after doing a washing of this sort,I did not in the least wished to go and had decided to remain unavailable to him by running away from my room.
       My great friend welcomed me warmly.We had lots of things to talk and having an other friend also with us,we had a great time.We again watched the same movie that we watched in the morning and appreciated the depth of its plot once again.After dinner,my great friend took me again to his room saying that he was doing an experiment on people's mentalities lately and that he wanted to question me in the matter.After all,he was such a kind of person always,I thought,finding myself stepping into his room and during the next two hours,we had a really wonderful and appetizing discussion on things such as the psychologies of our friends,the people we know,etc.I would like to mention that the talk was no less than any kind of propoundings and philosophies and had a spirituality hidden deep inside it.On the other hand,I will very definitely feel that the discourse on spirituality would not have given me this much satisfaction over the day and thus I consider it to be a missing spirituality.Therefore the light and hearty discussion I had with my great friend  had better influence on me than the sophisticated spiritual discourse.I think finally that I have again a day that is unique in its own way with unexpected turns and events.
       Yes,it is really a great moment,before going to bed.

Sensitivity is the measure of maturity
A Warm Winter Day

Monday, 14 November 2011

Indian writing nurtured.

True,Indian writing is being nurtured.Writing itself is a way of self conversation and is natural and free flowing for some individuals.They are indeed gifted.Furthermore,India is a land that bore witness to a very great collection of literature starting from the Vedas,puranas to the present day thought provoking movie songs (not all only some).Also India is the abode of  thousands of creative brains.Some of them present their endeavours to the development of science,by devoting themselves to pursuit of technical excellence while many others use their naturally sprung talent of writing,singing,dancing,etc.Even today we can see many musical concerts taking place everyday in big cities and often all of them are always fresh ,that is with a fresh content every time.Writing also falls under the same category.Writing creatively involves a lot of self thought,care and a fragrant freshness that promotes the writer to think newly all the time.
     In the way there is required a certain amount of encouragement to boost the nerves of a creative,yet fearful   writer.This task is being done by various forums and blog promoting websites particularly designed for Indians.Some of them are indiblogger and chillibreeze forums that are providing a lot of encouragement to Indian bloggers of late.These are organizing a lot of writing contests online and are thus harnessing the talent of young Indian writers.
    Finally it is worthy to note that when writing became online,encouraging also became online and the natural applause rendered to a writer is not at all lost in the blogosphere too.

Steven Paul Jobbs
The Vital Vote

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Light and warmth

       Light is a primordial model of divinity and warmth is a correct depiction of the feeling of 'sense'.Light is omnipresent,omniscient and eternal revealing that it has many properties similar to those of The Almighty.It marks a sense of sensation and it always is living,joyful,hope giving and delightful.Being always associated with its sublime,subtle companion,warmth,it is within reach of everyone,physically too,provided there is sufficient mental setup to enjoy it.
       However,light does not confine itself as a physical entity but it comprises of a broader spectrum of coverage,example,of the beliefs and dis beliefs of a human heart,life and death of a living entity,etc.
       Belief is generally associated with a feeling of hope and light,naturally is a good hope giver.Thus,having belief ca n be thought of as 'being in light'.Coming to life and death,life is merely the presence of light in the body and death is its absence.The light is thus equivalent to the soul in many respects.Reflection of light is conveniently equivalent to thought process and refraction corresponds to the mending of way of life according to those that affect.On the whole,simply,light and warmth are the life givers.
       How about non living?Can light and heat sensitize them too?Yes,they can!Simple.You take an ordinary earthen bowl.Pour oil in it.Place wicks in it and lighten.Incredible!The three ingredients are non living but the light and warmth entered in their 'lives' has transformed their 'lives'.In a sense they are 'enlightened'.A sort of divinity and piety enters them and we see them to be sitting still and unperturbed in the cold air as if they are peacefully meditating upon the lord.They stand to be a proud instance for humility and an unconquerable instance of service.Such is the power of light and warmth.
       But,is it only the 'physical' light and warmth?No,clearly,'mental' light and warmth is a major contributor to the above mentioned success.The light of intellect driven along with the warmth of humility!The most striking feature of the Sanatana Dharma.With a light(an associated fire),one can very conveniently cause a havoc!However,this too is difficult to do unless you have intelligent brains.Then,where is the difference?The difference lies in the choice of application of the intelligent mind.The selection of right results in right and wrong in wrong.This ability of selection can be termed humility and is the essence of all the ponderings and preachings of the Sanatana Dharma.Not only Sanatana Dharma,the goal of life is almost the same according to all the dharmas.
       Through a festival like Deepavali,we come to know the in depth ideas of our ancients that lighting a lamp is a sign of resurrection,rise of hope,distribution of hope and love,awakening the light of the soul.An amavasya day marks the transition of 'the fall of the moon' and 'the rise of the moon' and not darkness itself.Thus,if an amavasya is anticipated to lead to the rise,it leads and if the other way, the fall,it leads too.Therefore,lighting lamps on a Deepavali day is clearly a great ideal,a sound concept in both physical appearance and intellect,a blend of science and tradition,unique to the Sanatana Dharma.
Deepavali in a temple in India.

          "दीपं  ज्योति परब्रह्मा दीपं ज्योति जनार्दनाः| 
 दीपो हरतु मे पापं संध्या दीपं नमोस्तुते ||"

Encountering the transition from home to hostel
The missing and the hidden spiritualities

Friday, 7 October 2011

Steven Paul Jobbs

Jobbs and his 'apple'.
Steven Paul Jobbs is a pioneering personality in the present information and communication research.Being a renowned entrepreneur and a successful innovator,Jobbs paved the way for the creation of a higher generation electronic gadgets that are now widely known for their accuracy,speed and above all,their miniature size accounting for their remarkable ease in portability.Today 'Apple' gadgets have become an institution throughout the world.Undoubtedly,the 'Apple' and Jobbs are entities that cannot be separated.
Also,Steve Jobbs holds the recognition as a co-producer of many popular animated films like Toy Story,A bug's life,Toy Story 2,Monsters inc.,Finding Nemo,The Incredibles,Cars,Up,Toy Story 3,etc.all of them from Pixar studios.
However, he died recently on 5th of this month at a very early age of 56 years due to a chronic pancreatic cancer which is making him suffer for a good period of ten years around.Let us all wish that his soul may rest in peace.
Very recently,Jobbs had been to an A1 engineering college in India to address its students among whom was a friend of mine.After his interaction with Jobbs,my friend gave a message to me that Jobbs was a very nice human being and possessed a very striking feature,'lack of pride' which very few people of his cadre and  status have.Such is Jobbs' healthy personality and dominance of its own kind,the dominance that urges young generation to crop and reap innovations essential for the further development of world.Clearly,there would be no doubt in saying that Jobbs had inspired a lot many youngsters who may themselves form the foundations for upcoming 'apples','pixars',etc.

The Vital Vote
Gently Falls The Bakula

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sensitivity is the measure of maturity

       Along with sensibility,sensitivity also plays a very good role in determining one's character.While sensibility deals with the verdicts of the mind,sensitivity depends on those of the heart.We observe that the achievement of success in most of the professions requires a fairly good amount of sensibility compared to sensitivity.However,sensitivity as an adorable quality is superior to sensibility because many people are known to have sensibility but only some possess sensitivity.
       Sensitivity in general society may bean asset as well as a drawback depending on the tenets of the society.In a culture without very high productivity requirements and with a fairly good amount of freedom,sensitivity is an asset.Otherwise,it is a drawback.
       We also observe that most people who do not practise sensitivity at all,consider themselves to be more mature than those who do so.This belief provides us the sufficient idea about their immaturity.
       Usage of vulgar language while speaking serves with a very good example.When there exists magnificent,marvellous and enchanting literature in any language,there exist obscenities too.The thing is natural.But,"freedom of choice" rests with us and the choice we adopt,decides our level.The correct selection has some underlying flexibility as there may be instances where the usage of vulgar language is necessary,particularly when tackling the most foul in people.However,it may also be emphasized that the usage of vulgar language shall not be made natural,dominant,fun generating and colloquial.

          कटु क्वणन्तो मलदायका खलाः  
          तुदन्त्यलं बन्धनश्रुन्खला इव |
          मनस्तु साधुध्वनिभिः पदेपदे 
          हरन्ति सन्तो मणिनूपुरा इव ||  

     This delightful Sanskrit sloka means that people who speak harsh words (considered bad people) torture others like an arresting iron chain.On the other hand,people whose speech is good like bejeweled anklets (considered good people) captivate others' minds at each step.

Light and Warmth
Determination is the key to success

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

       John and Rosie are a poor but loving couple.Their poverty was a result of their negligence towards studies when in childhood and adolescence.Their only hope was their lovely son,Jack,who was then four years old.So,he was admitted in a good school by his parents and his parents felt very happy about it.After all,God was making their son free from the troubles they were facing.
       Though the new place,at first,troubled Jack,he became adjusted to it.After all,in his home,he used to play alone because his parents were away at work.His neighbours used to visit him for giving him food.But,in school,there were many individuals of his age and thoughts.His joy knew no bounds.He played with them happily,ate his lunch heartily,and by God's grace,he could grasp things faster.He was a very cheerful boy.
       As time passed by,John's home was the center of happiness in the entire world.Though John and Rosie felt tired at the end of whole day work,Their son would throw away all their weariness by his cheerfulness.He always stood first in his class and his parents were very happy.
       Now,Jack is a thirteen year old boy.He has come to the eighth standard and a clear rift has begun to develop in between studies and play.The sudden rise in competition among people of all sections is now  demanding more proficiency in studies and this is the reason for the formation of the gap.So,he has hardly any time to play with his all day work.When he told his parents about this,they insisted that he should give utmost importance to his studies as they are very keen about his career.Soon,change began to take place in him and he began to lose his initial zest for studies.His parents also noticed this and were very unhappy.
       Once,Rosie's friend,Marie visited them and in between their casual talk,came the discussion of Jack.Rosie sadly explained her son's decreasing cheer and his sudden downfall in studies.Marie,being a perspicacious woman quickly answered,
              "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
       Thanks to God,Jack is now again a cheerful boy.He studies well and also plays well.Had there not been Marie,Jack would have been worse.

Extreme care leads to complications
Encountering the transition from home to hostel

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Encountering the transition from home to hostel

         Every student needs to be in a hostel for at least once in his life.In olden India,entire education used to be provided in 'Gurukulams',where a student needed to be away from his parents,be they kings or paupers,and attained knowledge while serving his Guru.He would live there austerely and all the students were treated uniformly.
         One's student life never becomes accomplished if there was no hostel life.Hostel life increases the strength of wings of an individual many folds,by improving qualities like self confidence,self defence,adroitness etc.
         Generally,there exist two types of situations.The first in which hostel life is better than home life and the second in which home life is better than hostel life.In general,the second situation is more common.However,owing to social and environmental conditions,which also play a significant role,anything may be fairly possible.
         For students who fear hostel life,the following tools may be of some help.

  1. Develop good communication skills.When away from home,these play a vital role.We can be as whatever we wish when at home but the same does not hold good when in a different realm.Showing courtesy to elders,being friendly to other students,etc.will create a good impression of you in others and that in turn will make you feel at home.
  2. Be strong at will.There will definitely be some adverse circumstances in a new place.In such situations,high will power helps to overcome any problem.
  3. Overcome fear.Do not forget that the people new to you are also humans like you and are not deadly beasts or monsters.It is as simple as this,"The more you fear,the more you are feared."
  4. Try to imbibe gregariousness.This may not be possible for those people who are introverted by nature.However,it is better to mix up with others as freely as possible and avoid unnecessary tensions.
  5. Keep a vigilant eye.There will also be some unwanted and sinister forces which will try to disrupt and perish you.You must know who is benevolent and who is malevolent.Be far away from the malignant.
  6. Be dedicated to studies.This is for people who are very extroverted and over gregarious.You should not forget that your primary purpose is studies and thus attaining a fruitful career.It is this fruitful career that you and your parents are awaiting most.You should never cross your limits as that may be lethal to you and your family.

         In the present day competition,withstanding nostalgia has also become a part of struggle for existence.Though communication through mobile phone or email may not be able to exchange that much love and affection as through letters,it is definitely an easy way to suppress nostalgia
        All the qualities indicated above will automatically be inculcated by a witty and wise student.Nevertheless,this passage may prove useful to some students.
        Finally,I would like to wish every student travelling hostel from home that he would enjoy every bit of his hostel life,ie.his 'second life'.
        This Sanskrit sloka can be correctly incorporated here.
                उत्साहः साहसं धैर्यं बुद्धिः शक्तिः पराक्रमः |
                षडेते यत्र तिष्ठन्ति तत्र देवोऽपि तिष्ठति || 

The Vital Vote
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Doctors Day

A doctor has always been a source of inspiration for the entire human kind.He holds a very great position in the present society with the unique power of comforting those living machines who themselves deal with mechanical,electrical and all such non living machines.He is the life giver for even the first citizen of any nation.There exists,not at all any place for doubt,in saying that,"The doctor is the second creator."
Not only in the present,the doctor held a very respectable position even in the past.In olden days,a doctor is given very much respect and is treated a very sacred and godly figure.
The development of Biology, 'the science of life',has widened the horizon of the concept of a doctor.Today,hundreds of specialities of treatment exist and there are full pledged learning methodologies and research facilities for each of these specialities of treatment.
While an engineer has mostly to do with intelligence and a lawyer with elegance,the doctor has to be a very perfect balancer,judiciously mixing knowledge,creativity,care and an extreme amount of courage.
When we see a surgeon or any other type of a doctor,we invariably observe the creativity in him.Let it be separation of Siamese twins,or a removal of unwanted and malignant tissues from any part of the body,the doctor really rocks.It is the most awe inspiring part of him.
An infinitesimal mistake can make an engineer malconstruct a machine,it can make a lawyer lose a case(excluding those cases where there might be a havoc eg.collapsing of a building,sentencing of an innocent accused,etc.)but in the case of a doctor,it makes a living being lose dear life.Therefore,it is the care that is the most important virtue we find in a good doctor.
It is correct to describe the letters of the word 'doctor' in this way.
O-Opulence(in Godliness)
Finally,I would like to make it clear that this passage is not at all intended to hurt people of any other profession.It is just describing the worth of a doctor.Moreover,it is not just anything meaningless like any sort of  WRAQCE7XP3ZC stuff written to impress people.It is from the deep core of my heart.
This Sanskrit saying would definitely provide a nice conclusion.
" वैद्यो नारायणो हरिः |"

A Warm Winter Day
Gently Falls The Bakula

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The fate of Sanskrit in current India

Sanskrit is the mother of many languages of the world.Making people pen from as old as BC 2000, it is attributed a very classic status in ancient,medieval and modern India as well.However,analogous to Latin in the west,it has already suffered a kind of avoidance and many people stopped their general communication as well as literary works in Sanskrit today.While it used to be a language of all classes,the intellectual and less intellectual in olden days,now it just finds place in classic Hindu rituals and ceremonies.
However,this is not at all the first fall of Sanskrit in India.There are evidences that the rise of Pali and other languages in the past was to decrease the ill consequences of the Vedic system in ancient India.From then a notion that Sanskrit is difficult to speak and write began to develop and it reached its full peaks in the late medieval time when Mughals became powerful in the country and all the later stage developments.The rise of importance of all the regional languages also contributed.
The fate of Sanskrit in current India is an 'outside conditioned,inside useless' type one.Now,many school and pre-university college boards offer Sanskrit as a mandatory cum optional second language.Even when mandatory,it is treated a purely mugging type of subject and its learning is very often mechanical,let alone when optional.Even if students prefer it as an optional,they do it just for the wholesome downpour of marks in the public exams,where the beauty of the handwriting and not at all the proficiency in the language form the essence of evaluation most of the times.The lack of well versed faculty is also a reason for this.
Now coming to mass media,no heavy ventures are there till now except for a one paged 'सुधर्मा'daily from Mysore,a news bulletin in All India Radio once a day,and some TV programs on government channels.Though some voluntary organisations offer Sanskrit tutorials and strive for its spread in the Internet,it is not a much accessible way to the general public,especially,the rural people.
Even the lack of basic amenities and comforts in remote rural places contributes to the decreased pace in Sanskrit upliftment.How can one dare to learn and understand a language not required to them,when there are adverse living situations?
On the contrary there are still a few groups, big and small that communicate mostly in Sanskrit to this date.Examples are Mattur village of Karnataka,Jhiri,Mohad and Baghuwar villages of Madhya pradesh.In these villages,one is greeted by an affectionate,''हरि ॐ |कथं अस्ति?'' and so on.Of course,these people prove to be the children of a lovely mother who resides on all of their tongues.By adopting Sanskrit,the 'अमर वाणी' ,these common people will themselves feel proud.
Even very big deemed language universities especially dealing with Sanskrit,though offering courses of all durations,short and long,offer them with a decreased frequency,and I request them to increase their course frequency.
Also,I personally request those individuals who have an ample time after all their daily activities and planning to engage themselves in any hobby or extra activity,to think of taking the privilege of learning Sanskrit,the voice of the eternal.
I,thus provide a few links to some of the trustworthy instituitions' websites which may provide useful.
I would be very happy to know if even a single individual enters into the field of sanskrit development through any means and most favourably by learning.
Finally I conclude with a saying in Sanskrit itself,
संस्कृतिः  संस्कृताश्रया |
This means "culture(संस्कृतिः) lies in(आश्रयाः) Sanskrit(संस्कृतं).