Tuesday, 12 July 2011

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

       John and Rosie are a poor but loving couple.Their poverty was a result of their negligence towards studies when in childhood and adolescence.Their only hope was their lovely son,Jack,who was then four years old.So,he was admitted in a good school by his parents and his parents felt very happy about it.After all,God was making their son free from the troubles they were facing.
       Though the new place,at first,troubled Jack,he became adjusted to it.After all,in his home,he used to play alone because his parents were away at work.His neighbours used to visit him for giving him food.But,in school,there were many individuals of his age and thoughts.His joy knew no bounds.He played with them happily,ate his lunch heartily,and by God's grace,he could grasp things faster.He was a very cheerful boy.
       As time passed by,John's home was the center of happiness in the entire world.Though John and Rosie felt tired at the end of whole day work,Their son would throw away all their weariness by his cheerfulness.He always stood first in his class and his parents were very happy.
       Now,Jack is a thirteen year old boy.He has come to the eighth standard and a clear rift has begun to develop in between studies and play.The sudden rise in competition among people of all sections is now  demanding more proficiency in studies and this is the reason for the formation of the gap.So,he has hardly any time to play with his all day work.When he told his parents about this,they insisted that he should give utmost importance to his studies as they are very keen about his career.Soon,change began to take place in him and he began to lose his initial zest for studies.His parents also noticed this and were very unhappy.
       Once,Rosie's friend,Marie visited them and in between their casual talk,came the discussion of Jack.Rosie sadly explained her son's decreasing cheer and his sudden downfall in studies.Marie,being a perspicacious woman quickly answered,
              "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
       Thanks to God,Jack is now again a cheerful boy.He studies well and also plays well.Had there not been Marie,Jack would have been worse.

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