Saturday, 3 December 2011

The missing and the hidden spiritualities

       This is a great moment.I think,probably,this is the only post till now,that is being written by me as soon as the incident making the body of this post took place.
       The day began in the usual manner but with a tinge of satisfaction in my heart as yesterday marked the end of my first set of exams in my professional course.Something seemed fresh and beautiful about the air though it is ,in its own way cruel and fearsome as it generally does in most of the winter days.Mixed with this satisfaction was a natural but strange feeling of performing still better in the next exams to come in the next semester.Strange in the sense that this feeling made me lose even my initial unhappiness of not going to my home as soon as the exams were over.
       However this was a day that contained many twists and turns,a day which had only a few similar  counterparts in the past.My grand mother ordered me to wash my sweaters today along with a detailed procedure of doing so and an added caution to wash them only in a machine.Now,finding a washing machine in the big hostel is easy,I thought.But,I never did washing in any machine in my hostel before and I do not the way how to do it.So, I called my great friend to help me in the matter to which he agreed and in a few minutes we both were on the journey.I had already expected that finding a 'free' washing machine was very difficult as I observed.All washing machines were brimming with clothes and there were lots of buckets in queue.What can I do?I never did washing in any machine in my hostel before and I do not know the way how to do it.So I decided to wait for my chance by leaving my bucket there and return when my turn would come.Mean while,my great friend and I sat down to watch a movie in his room.That was indeed a wonderful movie.After the movie was done, we had gone again to the machine only to find that it might take no less than four to five hours for our work.I had shifted the bucket to another washing machine.There too was an enough queue but this time,I decided to settle.However,here too I could not succeed and in frustration,I set out for washing myself.But oh!how horrible it is to wash such heavy things as sweaters!I was totally tired after the event.All the long,my great friend had been accompanying me.
       Also,there was an invitation to me yesterday to attend a spiritual course going to be held today in the evening given by a well wisher of mine in that organisation.But somehow,I began to feel bad and frightened about the organisation recently and I wanted to avoid attending.I could not tell him the same,so I agreed. But now,after doing a washing of this sort,I did not in the least wished to go and had decided to remain unavailable to him by running away from my room.
       My great friend welcomed me warmly.We had lots of things to talk and having an other friend also with us,we had a great time.We again watched the same movie that we watched in the morning and appreciated the depth of its plot once again.After dinner,my great friend took me again to his room saying that he was doing an experiment on people's mentalities lately and that he wanted to question me in the matter.After all,he was such a kind of person always,I thought,finding myself stepping into his room and during the next two hours,we had a really wonderful and appetizing discussion on things such as the psychologies of our friends,the people we know,etc.I would like to mention that the talk was no less than any kind of propoundings and philosophies and had a spirituality hidden deep inside it.On the other hand,I will very definitely feel that the discourse on spirituality would not have given me this much satisfaction over the day and thus I consider it to be a missing spirituality.Therefore the light and hearty discussion I had with my great friend  had better influence on me than the sophisticated spiritual discourse.I think finally that I have again a day that is unique in its own way with unexpected turns and events.
       Yes,it is really a great moment,before going to bed.

Sensitivity is the measure of maturity
A Warm Winter Day


  1. Good that you have such a quality friend.

  2. @Rajesh Thanks for your comment Rajeshji.He is really a great friend and is one among my few friends.