Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Vital Vote

       If your feet are moving around this world for a time more than 18 years,then let me ask you what election day means to you.Do you take it to be a great relief holiday among the tsunamis of your office going days?Or as an exam day as important as one's university qualifying exam?'Oh,exam!How can election be exam?'you laugh at me.
       But,don't forget that the vote you cast is the only power that rests solely in your hands in today's corrupt democracies.Citizen is the undisputed master of democracy neither the prime minister,nor the president.Vote is the weapon of the citizen.When citizens are strong,nation will be strong,when citizens are weak,it takes no time for a nation to fall,at least in terms of ethics,fearless living,etc.
       You may also very comfortably argue,'What if I ,a single individual do not cast my vote?' and continue watching the TV show lazily.I reply,'What if many 'a single individual's like you hold the same idea?'Of course,you are aware of the story of Akbar,Birbal and the huge milk collection
       And also,very contrasting is the response of your village brothers towards election and polling.Of course,most of the times with an underlying purpose.They might be lured by an offer of few fifties to a full wine bottle (not all villagers) that easily makes them sell their very precious possession,the vote.Poor people without sharp knowledge of civics,social studies,etc.Therefore,it is our duty to educate them also in this regard.
       'I have planned a family holiday for this weekend.I cannot vote,let alone educating my village brothers;'You contemptuously glare at me.I tell you,'You can have your holidays five times the ensuing five years supposing the worst case of one holiday per year.But,does election wait for you?It is a twinkling "Paanch Saal Kaa Chaand".
        Fortunate enough as we are,we do not have the restriction of compulsory polling.Suppose you are an average earner and the government laid big taxes upon you for your being ill at the time of election and consequently not cast your vote.How could it be?Ours is a culture that gives respect to wisdom and common sense.Do we need force on ourselves to do our duty?
         We should keep this in mind.
        Not only vote,but also the entire study of general administrative civics should be kept in mind.That is not current affairs.The knowledge of the situations leading to an emergency,for example helps a lot in the case of a leadership with autocratic inclination.

A famous cartoon character "COMMON MAN" on election day,by renowned R.K.Laxman.
         We,as citizens,always possess the power of leashing our whip on the government bodies,but casting your vote is a clear prerequisite barring which you yourself will feel ineligible to do so.
         Oh,I forgot to share this piece of information with you.From this year onwards we will be having a "National Voters Day" on 25th January of every year.And tomorrow is the first voters day.

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  1. I agree my vote is valuable. But every politician from any party looks to me alike.

  2. @Rajesh Of course I too agree with you in the sense that it is better not to vote than to vote to a wrong person.However,we may also try to find out the best among the contestants and then cast our vote.That solves our purpose.

  3. Election day is a time for me to decide who will be the next president, mayor, or youth candidate will be. It is a time for us to pick who will lead our community or country into a better state. Thanks for sharing this!