Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Extreme care leads to complications

       Simplicity is always the best policy.Every action to be performed,is in general,governed by some simple ideas and rules and it is fairly enough that these ideas and rules are followed successfully.Unnecessary hype and over attitude is not at all beneficial.It often results in health deterioration,emotional breakdowns,etc.So,in addition to showing no good results,this phenomenon of 'over care' worsens the situation also.
       I am not talking about the (extreme) care which is required for some professionals like doctors,international players,athletes etc.It is that 'over care',adopted by people in some what trivial house hold and other things which is emphasized.
       This extreme care may be of many forms and in all of them the outline of attitude is almost identical.Here,I consider the case of raising a child, that to particularly dealing with an adolescent.Extreme care is a required character when the child is in toddler stage and until early and middle adolescence,but later,it is not good.Early and middle adolescences require that much care because that period is dangerous and needs elders' supervision.However,in the late stage of adolescence,individuals are like bird lings with fully developed feathers and they should be allowed to live on their own.By saying 'living on their own',I mean that they should be able to get hold on those important aspects which are to be handled by them in future like booking tickets,dealing with the youngsters and the elderly,shopping,etc.
       At the end,this small story will definitely give a hearty laugh.
                "Once upon a time, a boy lived who was raised by his grandmother.As we expect,she was of an over caring nature.This boy had already been treated a nerd among his friends.On a particular occasion,he had to go to a xerox shop for getting photocopies of some important papers.He had willingly asked his grandmother not to come with him with the intention of making it himself and had set off.While his work there had been in the middle,he had noticed his grandmother coming into the shop.He had tried to avoid being seen by her,but in vain.After she had enquired him about the safety of the originals among all others,huge amount of embarrassment had been the only feeling on his face!"

Steven Paul Jobbs
Sensitivity is the measure of maturity


  1. After crossing certain age the care by the parents is interpreted by the children as interference.

  2. @Rajesh What you have said is very much true,Rajeshji,but I think that the interpretation is reasonable too.