Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Light and warmth

       Light is a primordial model of divinity and warmth is a correct depiction of the feeling of 'sense'.Light is omnipresent,omniscient and eternal revealing that it has many properties similar to those of The Almighty.It marks a sense of sensation and it always is living,joyful,hope giving and delightful.Being always associated with its sublime,subtle companion,warmth,it is within reach of everyone,physically too,provided there is sufficient mental setup to enjoy it.
       However,light does not confine itself as a physical entity but it comprises of a broader spectrum of coverage,example,of the beliefs and dis beliefs of a human heart,life and death of a living entity,etc.
       Belief is generally associated with a feeling of hope and light,naturally is a good hope giver.Thus,having belief ca n be thought of as 'being in light'.Coming to life and death,life is merely the presence of light in the body and death is its absence.The light is thus equivalent to the soul in many respects.Reflection of light is conveniently equivalent to thought process and refraction corresponds to the mending of way of life according to those that affect.On the whole,simply,light and warmth are the life givers.
       How about non living?Can light and heat sensitize them too?Yes,they can!Simple.You take an ordinary earthen bowl.Pour oil in it.Place wicks in it and lighten.Incredible!The three ingredients are non living but the light and warmth entered in their 'lives' has transformed their 'lives'.In a sense they are 'enlightened'.A sort of divinity and piety enters them and we see them to be sitting still and unperturbed in the cold air as if they are peacefully meditating upon the lord.They stand to be a proud instance for humility and an unconquerable instance of service.Such is the power of light and warmth.
       But,is it only the 'physical' light and warmth?No,clearly,'mental' light and warmth is a major contributor to the above mentioned success.The light of intellect driven along with the warmth of humility!The most striking feature of the Sanatana Dharma.With a light(an associated fire),one can very conveniently cause a havoc!However,this too is difficult to do unless you have intelligent brains.Then,where is the difference?The difference lies in the choice of application of the intelligent mind.The selection of right results in right and wrong in wrong.This ability of selection can be termed humility and is the essence of all the ponderings and preachings of the Sanatana Dharma.Not only Sanatana Dharma,the goal of life is almost the same according to all the dharmas.
       Through a festival like Deepavali,we come to know the in depth ideas of our ancients that lighting a lamp is a sign of resurrection,rise of hope,distribution of hope and love,awakening the light of the soul.An amavasya day marks the transition of 'the fall of the moon' and 'the rise of the moon' and not darkness itself.Thus,if an amavasya is anticipated to lead to the rise,it leads and if the other way, the fall,it leads too.Therefore,lighting lamps on a Deepavali day is clearly a great ideal,a sound concept in both physical appearance and intellect,a blend of science and tradition,unique to the Sanatana Dharma.
Deepavali in a temple in India.

          "दीपं  ज्योति परब्रह्मा दीपं ज्योति जनार्दनाः| 
 दीपो हरतु मे पापं संध्या दीपं नमोस्तुते ||"

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Steven Paul Jobbs

Jobbs and his 'apple'.
Steven Paul Jobbs is a pioneering personality in the present information and communication research.Being a renowned entrepreneur and a successful innovator,Jobbs paved the way for the creation of a higher generation electronic gadgets that are now widely known for their accuracy,speed and above all,their miniature size accounting for their remarkable ease in portability.Today 'Apple' gadgets have become an institution throughout the world.Undoubtedly,the 'Apple' and Jobbs are entities that cannot be separated.
Also,Steve Jobbs holds the recognition as a co-producer of many popular animated films like Toy Story,A bug's life,Toy Story 2,Monsters inc.,Finding Nemo,The Incredibles,Cars,Up,Toy Story 3,etc.all of them from Pixar studios.
However, he died recently on 5th of this month at a very early age of 56 years due to a chronic pancreatic cancer which is making him suffer for a good period of ten years around.Let us all wish that his soul may rest in peace.
Very recently,Jobbs had been to an A1 engineering college in India to address its students among whom was a friend of mine.After his interaction with Jobbs,my friend gave a message to me that Jobbs was a very nice human being and possessed a very striking feature,'lack of pride' which very few people of his cadre and  status have.Such is Jobbs' healthy personality and dominance of its own kind,the dominance that urges young generation to crop and reap innovations essential for the further development of world.Clearly,there would be no doubt in saying that Jobbs had inspired a lot many youngsters who may themselves form the foundations for upcoming 'apples','pixars',etc.

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