Monday, 14 November 2011

Indian writing nurtured.

True,Indian writing is being nurtured.Writing itself is a way of self conversation and is natural and free flowing for some individuals.They are indeed gifted.Furthermore,India is a land that bore witness to a very great collection of literature starting from the Vedas,puranas to the present day thought provoking movie songs (not all only some).Also India is the abode of  thousands of creative brains.Some of them present their endeavours to the development of science,by devoting themselves to pursuit of technical excellence while many others use their naturally sprung talent of writing,singing,dancing,etc.Even today we can see many musical concerts taking place everyday in big cities and often all of them are always fresh ,that is with a fresh content every time.Writing also falls under the same category.Writing creatively involves a lot of self thought,care and a fragrant freshness that promotes the writer to think newly all the time.
     In the way there is required a certain amount of encouragement to boost the nerves of a creative,yet fearful   writer.This task is being done by various forums and blog promoting websites particularly designed for Indians.Some of them are indiblogger and chillibreeze forums that are providing a lot of encouragement to Indian bloggers of late.These are organizing a lot of writing contests online and are thus harnessing the talent of young Indian writers.
    Finally it is worthy to note that when writing became online,encouraging also became online and the natural applause rendered to a writer is not at all lost in the blogosphere too.

Steven Paul Jobbs
The Vital Vote