Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sensitivity is the measure of maturity

       Along with sensibility,sensitivity also plays a very good role in determining one's character.While sensibility deals with the verdicts of the mind,sensitivity depends on those of the heart.We observe that the achievement of success in most of the professions requires a fairly good amount of sensibility compared to sensitivity.However,sensitivity as an adorable quality is superior to sensibility because many people are known to have sensibility but only some possess sensitivity.
       Sensitivity in general society may bean asset as well as a drawback depending on the tenets of the society.In a culture without very high productivity requirements and with a fairly good amount of freedom,sensitivity is an asset.Otherwise,it is a drawback.
       We also observe that most people who do not practise sensitivity at all,consider themselves to be more mature than those who do so.This belief provides us the sufficient idea about their immaturity.
       Usage of vulgar language while speaking serves with a very good example.When there exists magnificent,marvellous and enchanting literature in any language,there exist obscenities too.The thing is natural.But,"freedom of choice" rests with us and the choice we adopt,decides our level.The correct selection has some underlying flexibility as there may be instances where the usage of vulgar language is necessary,particularly when tackling the most foul in people.However,it may also be emphasized that the usage of vulgar language shall not be made natural,dominant,fun generating and colloquial.

          कटु क्वणन्तो मलदायका खलाः  
          तुदन्त्यलं बन्धनश्रुन्खला इव |
          मनस्तु साधुध्वनिभिः पदेपदे 
          हरन्ति सन्तो मणिनूपुरा इव ||  

     This delightful Sanskrit sloka means that people who speak harsh words (considered bad people) torture others like an arresting iron chain.On the other hand,people whose speech is good like bejeweled anklets (considered good people) captivate others' minds at each step.

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