Sunday, 11 December 2011

Determination is the key to success

        Determination is a quality that makes one reach the summit of their purpose with a great ease.Miseries are common in every life cycle and worries are very frequent visitors.Drooping away for these things which occur in everyone's life is not at all correct.That individual who stands against all these adversities and be able to reach his goal,is considered venerable.
        However,the presence of mere determination also cannot lead to success when there is absence of enough self confidence.Self confidence naturally seems to wash away when the goal set for is too hard to achieve.Therefore,one must select the utmost right option that he can accomplish by all means,physically and mentally.Thus,the quality of Rationality seems to be the mother of determination because,once one feels that he has chosen the right task,the desire to achieve naturally springs and required amount of determination is also born.
        In some situations,there may be a wrong choice.That adoption of wrong choice may also be final.In such cases,it is better to do the work wholeheartedly with determination and achieve even a little bit of success than to completely abandon it and curse the fate.
        This is a poem that is specially intended for the passage.

            "It's dawn,My friend!Wake up!
              Heartily wake up My friend!
              Worry not My friend!For the grievances
              Of the morning will be withering as the day passes
                          See the sun My friend!
              He is smooth and sensitive at the day break
              And grows brighter towards the dusk

              Work hard My friend!For this is a quality
              That makes you worthy of the every loaf you earn
                          See the pecker My friend!
              He has been able to build so many houses
              Just because of this

              Accept challenges My friend!For they turn out to be sweet meats
              When done though they taste bitter in the beginning
                         See the human My friend!
              He has topped the world
              As he proved this"
        Possessing over determination will definitely lead to problems.If it is an exam and you do very well,then well and good.But if you failed in it,do not take dangerous decisions like killing yourself,etc.If the girl you liked does not accept your proposal,then it is fair to leave the thing than to create unnecessary hell by pouring acids or some sort on her on the name of taking revenge.After all,revenge is an unhealthy thing to possess.
        So,I conclude this passage by emphasizing that determination leads to success in most of the tasks,provided they are good and worthy,but not mean and vicious.

Light and warmth
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  1. Very well said. Determination, self-confidence, hard work all required for success. Another essential required element is 'luck'.

  2. @Rajesh Truly said Rajeshji.Many a time,we see things far beyond our reach even if we die to achieve them.In such situations,we find ourselves saluting to the fate.